Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Buon appetito!

The way to Hibi's heart is definitely through her stomach! This saying is so true and there are so many dishes, that me and my boyfriend enjoy. Those here are my favourites (next to so many others)!

Seafood salads
This is something not so easy to do, since it can easily be overcooked and the seafood itself can get extremely chewy. Usually my boyfriend handles it well, so that is not that much of a problem, but we did the bad experience of chewyness, when we bought a seafood salad at the fisherman's. Never again I'd say.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Słubice | Poland

As I said in my post about Frankfurt (Oder), let's leave the country! I went to Poland for my first time ever on last Saturday. And I literally went there!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Hey! As I said in my introduction, I want to present each of my guinea pigs to you. Today we do the start with our blonde hair model Clara.

We start with her, cause she carries the name of Clara: our fake guinea pig, which we bought at TK Maxx in Neukölln. Weirdly my boyfriend never heard of animals called guinea pigs. That led to a bit of irritation, cause I couldn't believe, that in Italy nobody knows what a guinea pig is. It seems true for some part of Italy. In Germany every little kid knows the cute little guinea pigs. When we introduced our new family members to my boyfriend's parents, the first question was: "But are they rats?"

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Frankfurt an der Oder | Brandenburg

Yesterday I had a really great day! I did a day trip to Frankfurt (Oder) and for the very first time I went to Poland. I "planned" to explore a bit my closer surround, which apart from Berlin is the federated state of Brandenburg. I remember rambling at work "yeah, I will totally explore Brandenburg! There should be so much to see!!!" That was maybe two years ago.

Cities in Brandenburg visited since that day: 0
Amount of times I said those sentences: ~ 500

Well, but as to cite Family guy, yesterday was my day to wish it, want it, do it. So, I did it. I jumped into the train at Alexanderplatz station in Berlin and only one hour later I was in Frankfurt an der Oder.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Ciao! Today I will blog about me... again (as some sort of additional intro to my intro's intro)! Sorry for those boring starter posts, but unfortunately I am a structure addict and this simply has to be written, so I have my very well organised starters on which everything should build up in the end xD

As I said in my intro and intro's intro I live in Berlin. But that was not always like that. Like a lot of people, I just moved to Berlin. My roots are somewhere else. So this blogpost is a bit of a CV, explaining my way to Berlin.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Intro... again

Ciao! It's me again. This is a small introduction - again - cause I figured basically all my readers and also all my favourite blogs are inactive now. So I am all new to this game!

My (not for real) name is Hibi! I am 25 years old and I live in Berlin together with my boyfriend and our three little lovely cavies. In our free time we really love live music and cooking together. I enjoy a lot taking care of the guinea pigs, I love having long walks outside and I like to be a bit creative. For this blog I think there will be three main parts that I will always talk about once in a while:

No. 1: Guinea pigs
Say hello to Marianna, Clara and Adriana - our little cavies, that never stop to be hungry! I will introduce each of them soon in an own blogpost, because each of them got really lovely characteristics!

Sunday, 5 November 2017


Dear readers,

This is a short introduction post to my new blog "Cavy 61". I'm saying new blog, cause in fact I actually once had a blog already (the ancient Hibi-the-Gibi-blogspot dated back to 2012), where I blogged as my alias Hibi. I also prefer this nickname for this blog, so... Hi, my name is Hibi!

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