Sunday, 5 November 2017


Dear readers,

This is a short introduction post to my new blog "Cavy 61". I'm saying new blog, cause in fact I actually once had a blog already (the ancient Hibi-the-Gibi-blogspot dated back to 2012), where I blogged as my alias Hibi. I also prefer this nickname for this blog, so... Hi, my name is Hibi!

After starting my new job in Berlin few years ago, I grew tired of the old blog and I deleted the whole thing. I thought those blogger times are definitely and eventually over, but well, I tried to find new hobbies, tried to be an amateur photographer, wanted to share my photos, and all of a sudden I felt the need to do that blog thing again, and in the end: SBAM! Now I am here with a brand new blog!

This blog won't have any motto or theme. It will simply be about the things I like. I guess the category would be called "Lifestyle", but weeell, I wouldn't dare calling this thing a lifestyle blog... also this post here right now is more or less just a crash test dummy to figure out the layout. Haha. Don't hate.
Yours, Hibi


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