Sunday, 31 December 2017

Moin 2018!

While we count the last hours of 2017, it is time to think of the goals for the upcoming year. I never really did this before, because somehow my way was always defined by certain goals anyway. When you go to school, your goal is to have good grades. When you go to university, the goal is the same. When you need to find a job, you get a job, yada yada yada.

But now with my quarter life crisis (xD) coming up, it suddenly feels important to recall what actually makes me happy and what I want to do in 2018 without getting lost in my steady dull routine of everyday life.

The first thing sounds simple or even a bit dull, but it definitely is a thing I wanna fix next year. I want to delete stress from my life, focus more on leaving the flat to have long walks (maybe I should get one of these step trackers xD) and I want to understand, what I want in life and what I don't want. I hope some of my health issues get fixed in this way. Goal number one and definitely the most important one!

Me tired on a boat >.<

This one should be easy for me, because I always enjoyed being around. Upcoming year I want to focus on kind of local travels. I already looked at some fantastic places that I could visit and the list of my must sees is long: Dresden, Leipzig, Rostock, Erfurt, Szczecin, Karlovy Vary, Prague...
I maybe even want to go to Taiwan. Since I met my guest mom I am totally infested by the idea of going there again. Especially since she also offered the free guest room. (I wrote about my guest mom here: A Taiwanese Day in Berlin)

This one will be a tough goal, but I try to reach it. A lot of bloggers do the project 365, where they shoot a photo each day of the year. I think I could benefit from it. I still need to learn how to properly use my camera and I hope I will find new ways to shoot photos from the right angle etc.

Let's be realistic with this one: Maybe sewing 1 or 2 or 3 dresses in one year should be fine xD I don't wanna put that goal too high, but I guess I could succeed to sew at least a bit and I could do a blog sewing series then: SIY - Sew it yourself. It's gonna be a blog series about how bad you can actually screw up sewing your own dress, haha!

Since a while I have the urge to learn a new language again (Low German for example) or I could maybe catch up on a language that I already learnt... I still got all the Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish books flying around. I would actually love to learn all five languages, but this seems like a pretty hard goal. Probably my goal will be to decide for one language, haha...

Alright. Those are my goals for 2018. They are pretty much focusing just on my personal growth (getting better in hobbies, feeling more happy and healthy, learning a lot). I don't want to put up goals like finding a great new flat or anything like that, because I bet it will first of all just bring me down and second of all doesn't help me with myself. First me, myself and I need to feel good again and then I can check for materialistic matters, that are missing in my life (if a good flat exists anyway... market is rough) :D I'm aware that I will probably fail like 4 out of 5 goals, but who cares? At least I can try (+ we can also try to find a new flat - the hidden secret goal of 2018)!

2018, here I come! Ciao, 2017!
Your 2018-goals-Hibi


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