Thursday, 4 January 2018

Calabria | Italy

Oh Lord! It's that time of the year again. Me and my boyfriend will head south in less than two weeks to visit his family in Calabria. Each year we go there, so be warned: I will introduce a few Calabrian places and bomb this blog massively with Italy vacation throwbacks!

Places we visited and regularly visit in Calabria

Roseto Capo Spulico
This is the place we stay at the most. We always stay in a really nice vacation house with a huge balcony and a great view over the Ionian Sea and onto the Castle "Castrum Petrae Roseti". Usually the only thing we do there is hanging out, having many many meals, walking the dog Way and swimming in the sea in the mornings.
Rainbows in Roseto

In Rende is the house of my boyfriend's parents. We haven't stayed there too often, yet, and usually we only use that place for sleeping and rather doing day trips instead of staying in the flat. Last year, however, we went to the old town of Rende.
Casa di Alice and Random Thoughts in Rende

Cosenza is the province, where Rende and Roseto Capo Spulico are located and it is also hometown of my boyfriend. I was there maybe once or twice. Just to take a sneak peek.

We did a boat trip. Got sea sick. Best. Day. Ever.

Trebisacce and Montegiordano
Those two towns are our hot spots for taking seafood from the fisherman and having a nice aperitivo at the beach.

Praia a Mare
Goschhh, I loved the mountains. Praia a Mare is a city on the other side of Calabria at the Tyrrhenian Sea and we spent a few days there in a vacation house back in 2015. That was a small adventure, because we went up the mountain to see the local grotto and we also had an amazing aperitivo in the city centre.

Rocca Imperiale
We always go to eat here at our favourite restaurant I Due Scogli. Best seafood ever!

Other trips we did:
Aieta - a small town in the mountains
Gizzeria - Went there to eat a really great fish in the restaurant l'Oasi
Lago Arvo - a nice lake in the mountains
Moccone - they do the best sandwiches ever!
Sila - there's a national park, that was unfortunately a bit confusing xD
Pizzo - a place in the Calabrian region Vibo Valentia
Tropea - same as Pizzo located in Vibo Valentia and quite a touristic hot spot

We also left Calabria few times:
Messina, Sicily
Sapri, Campania
Maratea, Basilicata
Bari, Apulia - our flight just always lands there (the football stadium is so ugly)

And I went to the North one time:
Milan, Lombardy
Venice, Veneto
Bergamo, Lombardy - including the couch surfing place Dalmine
Crema and Cremona, Lombardy - just for punk concerts
Selvino, Lombardy
Palazzolo sull'Oglio, Paratico and Sarnico, Lombardy

Sorry for this rather boring list at the end, but you know, Hibi always needs a structured list for
herself otherwise her brain can't think straight. I am like that. xD Italian weeks on Cavy 61 upcoming! 


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