Sunday, 14 January 2018

Project 365 | 7 - 13: Dark Week

Week number two of the Project 365: I am happy I still kept up taking a photo each day of this year, but as I assumed there are really a lot of guinea pig photos. It was a really dark week, clouds everywhere, no sunshine, and I spent a lot of time in the flat. When is winter over?

365 - 007: I went to Tierpark in Berlin Friedrichsfelde. Unfortunately I found out, that the Tierpark (zoo) does not allow to publish any photos of their animals. You can take photos for private use of course, but I don't know if this blog is still private use, so I rather not upload any photos of the animals (though I would looove to share many of those pictures).

365 - 008: We got rid of our Christmas tree and finally put up the Christmas present of my parents: a super classy polar bear lamp. My boyfriend and I call it Bärlin. Bär is German for bear and Berlin is pronounced like Bear-lin in German. We are so funny. I know.

365 - 009: A couple of friends and I went to Il Giradischi restaurant again. There suddenly popped up all these photo booths all over Berlin and we couldn't resist. I love how the photos came out!

365 - 010: Clara eats her hay.

365 - 011: Adriana loves to stay in the hay.

365 - 012: Our guinea pigs are crazy for salad. The girls usually stay in their cage. They often just leave it to eat all the food in their outside area and then they go back.

365 - 013: I went to Friedrichsfelde again to go to the Tierpark. The day was so dark. All my body from head to toe was tired!


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