Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Buon appetito!

The way to Hibi's heart is definitely through her stomach! This saying is so true and there are so many dishes, that me and my boyfriend enjoy. Those here are my favourites (next to so many others)!

Seafood salads
This is something not so easy to do, since it can easily be overcooked and the seafood itself can get extremely chewy. Usually my boyfriend handles it well, so that is not that much of a problem, but we did the bad experience of chewyness, when we bought a seafood salad at the fisherman's. Never again I'd say.

All kind of pasta
We experimented so much already. There are endless recipes and endless types of pasta. By now, I really know a lot of different types, even by name and it always impresses our chefs at the hostel where I work. Farfalle, pappardelle, rigatoni,... I know'em all!

My boyfriend became a huge maestro in preparing pizza dough. While this photo doesn't look really exquisite, the taste is divine. My two favourite kinds are the one with serrano, ruccola and tomatoes (does it have a name?!) and pizza capricciosa: the kind with ham, olives, mushrooms and artichoke.

Fish, shellfish and seafood
In my intro post I said already, that I am an assistant in our home kitchen (no, I don't work as kitchen staff). When it comes to preparing fish, mussels and calamary it is my turn. We had some great fish dishes, as well as mussel soups. I am crazy about it.

Fresh ingredients
Well, I guess that is what everyone says. But yeah, we love to have salads, fresh herbs and lots of vegetables with our meals. Pizza and pasta doesn't seem so healthy, but in fact, we eat a lot of good stuff with each of our meals.

Sorry, not sorry, I love food.


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