Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Hey! As I said in my introduction, I want to present each of my guinea pigs to you. Today we do the start with our blonde hair model Clara.

We start with her, cause she carries the name of Clara: our fake guinea pig, which we bought at TK Maxx in Neukölln. Weirdly my boyfriend never heard of animals called guinea pigs. That led to a bit of irritation, cause I couldn't believe, that in Italy nobody knows what a guinea pig is. It seems true for some part of Italy. In Germany every little kid knows the cute little guinea pigs. When we introduced our new family members to my boyfriend's parents, the first question was: "But are they rats?"

After my boyfriend watched like 200 guinea pig videos within two days, the decision was made: We want guinea pigs! I did a lot of research how to keep guinea pigs, what you need to prepare before you get them, what do you feed them and all that stuff. We anyway did a lot of things wrong. Guess that simply happens when you are a first timer.

We bought Clara together with another guinea pig (introduction later!) in a local zoo shop. Of course the two girls were really too young to stay on their own. They were around 7 weeks old, when we took them and normally they should stay with an older guinea pig that guides them. Well... we had two babies and no clue.

In the first week the two little baby piggies did not leave much their houses and tunnels. Of course they were scared in their new home, but the one that started to be a bit more around in the cage was Clara. She turned out a really happy and calm guinea pig. She popcorns a lot, which means she is shaking her head and jumps into the air. When I first saw her doing that, my thought was: "oh snap. All warnings on the net are true: zoo shops sell you ill animals!" I thought, she has some uncontrollable convulsions or anything like that. Fortunately those weird jumps are no convulsions. Guinea pigs do it when they are joyful.

Luckily I had some great help by the internet and we found our way to handle the guinea pigs. We did mistakes in the beginning and probably also still, but all in all our pigs seem alive and kicking.

Clara was born in December 2015. She weighs around 850 grams now, which makes her the smallest of our three guinea pigs. We have to cut her hair once in a month, since it is growing really strongly. Because we got her at the zoo shop I can't really say, what sort of type she is. My first believe was, that she is a Peruvian guinea pig, but since she has rosettes all over her back that does not really fit. She might be a simple mix or an angoran guinea pig.

In another blogpost I will introduce also our other two guinea pigs Adriana and Marianna with loads of cute pictures.

Eure Hibi

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