Sunday, 19 November 2017

Frankfurt an der Oder | Brandenburg

Yesterday I had a really great day! I did a day trip to Frankfurt (Oder) and for the very first time I went to Poland. I "planned" to explore a bit my closer surround, which apart from Berlin is the federated state of Brandenburg. I remember rambling at work "yeah, I will totally explore Brandenburg! There should be so much to see!!!" That was maybe two years ago.

Cities in Brandenburg visited since that day: 0
Amount of times I said those sentences: ~ 500

Well, but as to cite Family guy, yesterday was my day to wish it, want it, do it. So, I did it. I jumped into the train at Alexanderplatz station in Berlin and only one hour later I was in Frankfurt an der Oder.

I did not take much info upfront before going there. The only thing I knew is that there is a bridge bringing you to Poland. That seemed rather exciting for me. I had never visited Poland before. And I also had never visited Frankfurt.

Usually I am not the biggest fan of brick gothic, but looking at this post office building in Frankfurt let me change my mind. I always thought the brick buildings look really dark, but yesterday I took a closer look and actually realised how beautiful the designs of the dark and light bricks can look. I will keep my eyes more opened when looking at other buildings in that style.

The broken places looked a bit sad. I also looked at a chart of changes in the population of Frankfurt. During the time of East Germany the population grew constantly. After the wall opened the population decreased by approx. 30 %. That is really a lot. 

The St.-Marien-church is another building I loved. The building was started to be constructed in the 13th century already.

The town hall is so pretty. I was really surprised by the architecture in Frankfurt. I came to the conclusion that because my first trip to the outback was so great I will definitely continue visiting small cities in Brandenburg! Even if other people say: "Brandenburg?! What do you wanna do there?!"

I really enjoyed the day. After looking at the most important sights and visiting Poland for ten minutes (I will show you those photos in another post, since this one is already bursting with photos), I even went shopping and it was simply great. In Berlin I never have the tranquillity to browse stores, because I don't like to feel like an ant in the anthill. Thousands of people bustling around you is not my number one wish for going to buy some new clothes. So, 10 points to Frankfurt an der Oder!

Eure Hibi

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