Friday, 10 November 2017

Intro... again

Ciao! It's me again. This is a small introduction - again - cause I figured basically all my readers and also all my favourite blogs are inactive now. So I am all new to this game!

My (not for real) name is Hibi! I am 25 years old and I live in Berlin together with my boyfriend and our three little lovely cavies. In our free time we really love live music and cooking together. I enjoy a lot taking care of the guinea pigs, I love having long walks outside and I like to be a bit creative. For this blog I think there will be three main parts that I will always talk about once in a while:

No. 1: Guinea pigs
Say hello to Marianna, Clara and Adriana - our little cavies, that never stop to be hungry! I will introduce each of them soon in an own blogpost, because each of them got really lovely characteristics!

No. 2: Cooking
This will be a bit of a "fake" topic, because I will only abuse my boyfriend's cooking skills for content - not my own. In fact I am merely an assistant in the kitchen, while my boyfriend, who is native to the land of the yummyness, comes up with a lot of recipes on his own. He invented a lot of stuff, but we are lucky! He gave me the copyright for that, haha! 

No. 3: Berlin alias "travelling"
I love walking through parks or do some sightseeing - of course I will also share all my trips to anywhere else, but since most of the time I am in Berlin most of the pictures will be of Berlin (I guess... I rarely do trips to anywhere else at the moment. But that might change)!

I also like to be a bit creative. That is why I started the blog. I learnt it would be inspiring to go on reaching goals, if you share those goals. So my goal is basically getting a bit more around again, learning more about photography, getting creative again, maybe even starting to sew again and simply having a good time in the blogging community!
I know all those blog topics are all over the net already. Let's hope you are not bored already, haha!

See you soon with some real blog posts! Intro over!


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