Thursday, 16 November 2017


Ciao! Today I will blog about me... again (as some sort of additional intro to my intro's intro)! Sorry for those boring starter posts, but unfortunately I am a structure addict and this simply has to be written, so I have my very well organised starters on which everything should build up in the end xD

As I said in my intro and intro's intro I live in Berlin. But that was not always like that. Like a lot of people, I just moved to Berlin. My roots are somewhere else. So this blogpost is a bit of a CV, explaining my way to Berlin.

I spent a lovely childhood in a small town called Groß Berkel. Groß means Big and Berkel means Berkel (nobody knows where the word Berkel derives from, that's why I don't translate it). That town is located in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), south of Hanover and there is a funny thing about it: In ancient times there grew another town right next to Groß Berkel, which is called Klein Berkel (klein means small). Nowadays Small Berkel is bigger than Big Berkel. #funfact

A place you might know is Hamelin. The place is very famous for its legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin; you might have heard of it. This place played a central role in my life. It is the "biggest city" in the surround, so everyone met up there. I spent a lot of nights out, many shopping days and simply a lot of good days there. It was the place where I bonded a lot with my best friends and where I went to a professional school to become a language and correspondence assistant.

The professional school gave me so much. I learnt English and Spanish, accountancy and so many basics of economic working. The best thing: I did a four weeks training abroad in Asia; I shot the photo you see above in Taiwan. I was 18 and still so childish, but it was definitely one of the coolest experiences ever. I fell madly in love with Chinese, so I decided to study hard and eventually got the permition to study in Bremen.

Bremen is another chapter of my life. I enrolled for the B. A. of international management with econonomic languages (Chinese) and I was extremely motivated. I moved into a neat flat with my best friend and we enjoyed life to the fullest. Maybe we enjoyed a bit too much and worked a bit too less. Maybe also goals were not clear and we both lost sight of what was once our dream. I got extremely distracted by personal wishes, I also couldn't identify with what I learnt in the economy classes. At one point it was enough.

So I did what every cool European youngster is doing: going abroad. I did an aupair job in Argentina for four months and it was pretty cool. My aupair family had their own hotel and I was allowed to do the check-in while also taking care of their really sweet daughter. She was a blast! I enjoyed the hotel work a lot and took some new skills home with me. Unfortunately Spanish was not one of them.

Well, I headed back to my beloved Germany (I missed hugging friends instead of giving them a kiss on the cheek) and I moved in at my boyfriend's place: Kreuzberg calling. Now I live here since almost three years and I work in a very nice hostel since more than two years. I often got problems to find myself in the right spot. I usually say: Ich bin zu Dorf dafür! (I'm too village for this; Dorf sounds a bit like doof; doof = stupid) haha.

This was my small CV and I will soon be back to do some more blogging. Trust me, the intro blogging will be over soon (or will it not?!).

Eure Hibi


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