Saturday, 25 November 2017

Słubice | Poland

As I said in my post about Frankfurt (Oder), let's leave the country! I went to Poland for my first time ever on last Saturday. And I literally went there!

The small town Słubice is connected to Frankfurt with a bridge. It is a really small walk from the one side of the river Oder/Odra to the other. I really loved the bilingualism in this part of Germany/Poland. When I took the train and arrived in Frankfurt the announcement was not only in German but also in Polish. In Frankfurt itself every once in a while signs are in German and in Polish. In the city you can also hear a lot of people speaking Polish.

Then after I crossed the river it was the same game. Signs were not only in Polish, but also in German. For me it is so interesting, that two languages that seem so different from each other are located so close to each other. Why there is German on the one side, then there is a border and there is Polish on the other side. I wonder why there is not a mixed language in between, haha (is there?).

In total I did not stay very long. I just walked down the main road, but realised pretty fast, that there is not too much to see. I found out, that Słubice was actually a district of Frankfurt and was called Dammvorstadt. After the WWII the district became Polish and therefore an own city.

After half an hour I was back in Germany again. It was a really short trip abroad, but I am confident to come back to Poland again. I even got some ideas already and can't wait. Unfortunately the winter is stealing the daylight and days are getting really short these months. Winter is really not my favourite time of the year... But spring is coming soon! :)

Eure Hibi

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