Friday, 29 December 2017

2017 in recap

Yes, it is time for the standard end of the year recap of 2017!

I will start right away with some private matters: 2017 was a hard year for me and in fact I would love to say that 2017 completeley ******, but that would be a lie. There were good times this year and there were bad times this year. The bad thing about this year: health. The good things this year? Let's try to find out in this blog post!

I spent a lovely 25th birthday in my hometown, getting a special cake treatment from my mother. The small cookies she did were adorable and super tasty! My birthday is in March and in March last year I also got my promotion at work. Instead of working at the reception, I now do more group service related works. I was super happy, because working at a reception is a really tough job! I did it for only two years and it was really tearing me apart (three shift system, work on weekends and holidays). So yay, Hibi! Good work! :D

Another nice thing was this: I went to see a few new places in Italy. Me and my boyfriend go to Italy once or twice a year, because his parents live there. This year, apart from the places where we stay every year, we visited Messina and the old town of Rende in February and during our summer vacation we went to Tropea. It is nice to see new places over there, because sometimes there is still the old me coming up, that wants to see every centimetre of the Earth. I told you already: I became very lazy this year, but I start to regain my interest in travelling. :D

A shocking thing that came up just this month: Adriana and Clara turned two years already! Also Marianna is already one year old now. They grow up so fast!

Animals played kind of a big role this year for me. In summer I realised I need to change a bit my habbits and definitely have to go out into the sun more. This is actually a tough call for me, since I still have my problems to find my spot in Berlin. I tried several parks and it was always with the same result: the tons of people stress me out! Then I tried the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde one day. That one was so great. It has forest, it has a castle, it has animals and there are just people around that pay entrance. xD I bought the annual ticket right away, so I go there quite regularly. I like it. Of course: you can still discuss a lot about zoos, condition of the animals and so on, but for me it was the first time I felt completely okay in a place in Berlin.

Well, summer 2017 felt kind of like a wake up call, cause with this weird being sick feeling (bad point: health) I kind of lost control of what I should and what I shouldn't do (what I shouldn't do is definitely overthinking stuff xD). I don't wanna sound too YOLO, but I wanted to try YOLO in the last quarter of the year and it kind of worked out for me. I met a good friend from Bremen to see a great concert, I spent some more time with people I got to know here in Berlin and we enjoyed several concerts and party nights, and I finally moved my butt to "travel" again. It might not be Taiwan or Argentina like in the "old days", but honestly: Germany really caught my attention!

This year was my first time in Poland - even if just for ten minutes
I saw the capital of Saxony-Anhalt Magdeburg
I went more east to Frankfurt an der Oder

What is the evaluation of this year? Looking at it now in recap: it had a really dark, dark start, but somehow became brighter giving me hope for next year to focus on what makes me happy. And this is what we will talk about in my next blogpost, haha. The goals for 2018 (also a New Year's classic post)!

Can't wait to end 2017! Your New Year's Hibi


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