Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Taiwanese Day in Berlin

Now that I got all these Magdeburg/Brandenburg-posts off of my chest, I can finally get back to current blog business. As I told you along the way, this week on Monday my guest mom Becky from Taiwan visited Berlin and of course I did a small sightseeing trip with her.

It is seven years ago, that we met the last time. SEVEN YEARS. I couldn't believe it. I was 18 when I went to Asia and stayed with her for one month and I was also 18 when I saw her the last time. Other colleagues from the company, where I made my professional training, regularly come to Germany. I often met them at the exhibition in Hanover (Hannover Messe). Now finally was the time that Becky came to Germany.

She brought a friend along, Janjan, who lives in Germany. We had a lot of fun that day. We did not do that much (I usually run through cities like a maniac, wanting to see everything, sightseeing all around). But they were really calm and it was great. First thing we did: eating! We had sushi at the central station and had a good laugh.
"Becky, what will you tell your colleagues about the food in Germany?"
"They had good sushi!"
...Usually the first question that I was asked by many Taiwanese was: "But do you eat the Haxe (knuckle of the pork) often?"
Well. Never? :) We Germans got good sushi, haha!

With our bellies full we went to see the parliament and the Brandenburg gate. Classics. Then we went to a small café, that people also ask me for at work sometimes (I work in a hostel). We went down the road Unter den Linden and sat down in the Einstein café. I think Becky and Janjan basically wanted to go there, to put up on Facebook, that they feel smart as Einstein after drinking the coffee at the Einstein Café... So when that was posted on Facebook, we headed back to the central station.

 (I sometimes thought about doing a "what I wore"-blogseries... but well... this is my exquisite style in winter... xD)

The central station is decorated in such rich style at the moment, that there was no other way than calling it Christmas Station.

My Taiwanese gals thought of the train station as some sort of shopping mall, so they wanted to buy some new shoes. Becky brought her winter shoes (pink), Janjan thought of them as too embarassing. So we did some shoe shopping for a while! :D What do you do, when going abroad and visiting the capital of a country? You go to buy some shoes in the central station! 哈哈! I enjoyed myself so much. It was a really great day!
Eure Hibi


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