Friday, 1 December 2017


Moin! Today is guinea pig day again. In my last guinea pig post I introduced Clara to you. Now is the time to also show her companion: Adriana.

We got her the same day we took Clara from the zoo shop. When we took the two girls we decided for Clara, because she was clearly the most recognisable, and we chose Adriana, because she has a white spot on her head. My boyfriend thought of it as some sort of hommage to The Nanny sitcom: "We got a Mrs Sheffield now."

Adriana is our heaviest guinea pigs. She weighs around 1100 grams and she has a big chin. We should put her on a diet, I guess, but she always steals the food from the others. Adriana is the boss of the group and she clearly shows it.

Long time I thought Adriana might be a ridgeback guinea pig, because she got the small haircomb on her back. But reading more about ridgeback guinea pigs, I figured that Adriana can't be one, because she got the two rosettes on each side of her legs. Doing some research I actually found a breed that has these features: the Irish crested guinea pig. If Adriana is not just a funny mix, it is highly possible that she is one of that kind.

Adriana is a very shy guinea pig. On the one hand she is really rude and bossy with the other guinea pigs, on the other hand she is the most cautious guinea pig ever. While her mates are running and jumping around in the play pen, she only runs from one tunnel to the other to make her way to the food as safe as possible. She is easily scared and runs all the way back to the cage as fast as she can, if she hears the smallest noise.

Normally we do not need to take care of her fur, since she can clean it very well on her own (the fur of the other two gals needs to be cut once in a while, because it gets too long). Unfortunately we realised Adriana might be sick: she loses her hair around her rosettes. We went to the vet already and got medicine against parasites. They stopped to scratch themselves, but now it seems parasites are back and I have the feeling that might be, because we did not change the houses. We cleaned everything else, but did not clean the wooden houses... Seems we need to see the vet again.

Poor Adrianina!

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