Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Brandenburg an der Havel | Brandenburg

Ciao! Yes, as mentioned a hundred times by now I went to Brandenburg two weeks ago! Same like in Magdeburg I took way too many photos. I am so easily fascinated by places where I have never been before. That means I was also fascinated by Brandenburg an der Havel!

The day I was there was nice, but it snowed a bit. I never took pictures before while it is snowing, so you will see a lot of these white spots on the photos. I don't know if you can actually avoid that. Is someone reading my blog and is an expert on snow pictures? :)

I spent around 100 years in front of this church you see above: St. Katharinen Church. I really can't believe I once said I am not a fan of brick gothic. This church is a masterpiece and I stood in awe looking at every centimetre of the building!

The basic outlook reminded me a lot of the old post building in Frankfurt (Oder), but the curch had so many finer details. It's a Frankfurt post office bildung pro.

Unfortunately I couldn't find out much about the history of the church, except that it is from the early 15th century. As far as I understood Brandenburg's history is way older, so the church is not one of the earliest things built there. Already in the 10th century the city of Brandenburg was mentioned for the first time and there is way more to find out about the dome, which I will show you in another post!

Just for this church I was already satisfied, but also the rest of Brandenburg was so nice (as for example the cute building you see above)! You will see next time! Eure Hibi!

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