Friday, 15 December 2017

Civitate Brendanburg | Brandenburg, BB

Third and last one! Then the many posts about my weekend of two weeks ago are (finally?) over. Today I will show you the last remaining random photos, that I somehow liked. Oh, by the way, I am actually aware, that I am not a professional photographer. I just hope out of the blog I can gain some experiences shooting nice pictures! So here are my experiments from the Brandenburg trip! :P

Okay, sorry. This is Berlin Friedrichstra├če where I started my journey heading west. The sun was so nice and I really believed the day was going to be sunny. After all it's just 50 minutes by train to arrive in Brandenburg. Well. Brandenburg's sky looked like this: grey.

I just strolled around and suddenly found myself on a soviet cemetary. I realised that a bit late, because I only focused on the monument and what is written on there in Russian. The cemetary was built right after WWII.

I already mentioned Stralsund in my last post. I had a vacation there last year with my boyfriend and we went to a really nice fish restaurant. When I was in Brandenburg and saw this site here above, I really wanted to beam myself back to that small vacation, cause the fish was sooo good! In Brandenburg you have the possibility to eat on one of the boats on that river here. But it was closed. It was snowing anyway.

These two doggish fellas above really made my day. Are there more?

One thing I actually wanted to do in Brandenburg was visiting the Slavic Village. It is some sort of open air museum about the culture and way of living of the slavic tribes, that lived in Brandenburg long time ago. I don't know if the place was closed or I was a bit too stupid to find the entrance, but there was this big sign saying "ENTRANCE" and showing to a door. On the door there was a handwritten note, that I should use the entrance at a place, that I didn't know. There was no real description where I should go, so I kinda orbited the whole thing, but couldn't find the entrance. I was a bit sad, because I would have loved to know more about it, especially because there are still slavic people living in Germany (e. g. the wends/sorbs in the area of Cottbus and Spreewald). I hoped to find out more about it, but: I can always come back to Brandenburg to recheck if the place is opened, plus: why not going to Cottbus or to the Spreewald? There should be plenty of information (in Cottbus street signs are even bilingual in German and Sorbian)... oh oh... in my mind is already forming the next day trip, haha. Better stop at this point!

Eure Hibi

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