Monday, 18 December 2017

Frankfurter Tor | Berlin

Moinsn! I am actually a bit unsure what to blog about this week, because I didn't take any photos or had much adventure. Week one of Christmas rush hour is over and it's time for the last Christmas parties before the actual Christmas holiday this weekend. Last week I went out to eat Hawaiian (Dragon Bowl Berlin - so good), I had sushi with my guest mom, I had a nice mulled wine with a friend and on Saturday me and my boyfriend spent some time at his friend's place to eat Calabrian cullurielli (or also called cuddrurieddri - which I really can't pronounce). Super tasty week I say and best of all: the eating goes on this week!

I decided to simply put up some throwbacks onto the blog, since I also mentioned some nice trips in my last posts. These photos here I shot last year in February, when I wanted to grab some clothes in Friedrichshain (I still cry, cause the store I went to doesn't exist anymore!). I remember that I mentioned the Frankfurter Tor in one of my Magdeburg posts. On the "main road" in Magdeburg you can find a style of architecture really similar to the one of the Frankfurter Tor/Frankfurter Allee.

I really like the style. It doesn't look so cold like other buildings you see around (e. g. the slab buildings around Alexanderplatz - I think they are really terrible)!...
Well, this post is not really informative or long. I just wanted to ramble a bit about the Christmas weeks, haha. I should also finally work on the layout of this blog. But meh. I'm so lazy. xD I will feed the blog with some throwbacks now and maybe, maaaybe in 2018 I will put up some designs.

Now I look forward to the next dinners at Dalmacija in Potsdamer Street and at Il Giradischi in Prenzlauer Berg. Yay, and Sunday we go to Groß Berkel already! Yippie!
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