Monday, 11 December 2017

Green Citadel | Magdeburg, ST

Only one question today: why is the green citadel pink?

I think the green citadel is one of the most famous building in Magdeburg. It was designed by the Austrian artist Hundertwasser. The easy explanation why it is called green citadel instead of pink citadel is: there are a lot of plants and trees planted on roofs and in the patio. As far as I understood it is a normal building where people rent flats and the ground floor is classically rented by shop owners and so on.

Right next to the green citadel you find the parliament of Saxony-Anhalt. I was really amazed! In front of the parliament building is the huge dome (I will show you in my next post) and next to it there is this really modern green citadel. The parliament building itself has a really nice baroque face. It is he perfect clash of styles. :D

Cause I rambled so much in my last post, I don't want to say much in this one and simply let the photos talk, haha! I will be also a bit busy this week, therefore I don't know if I will post much or maybe simply show the last photos of Magdeburg without much talking. Christmas is coming closer, I got all presents already - fortunately! - and now there will be tons of Christmas meals or Christmas parties. The first one was last Friday, the next three Christmas meals/parties are in the next 8 days + DVD evening + meeting my Taiwanese guest mom, who is in Berlin today by accident. So much stress xD
Eure Hibi

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