Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Jimmy & Way

Hi! You already got to know our little cute guinea pigs Adriana, Clara and Marianna. Today I want to introduce also two other fellas, because I think they might occur on this blog always once in a while. I am talking about the dogs of my parents and of the parents of my boyfriend.

We start with Way, because I got way more photos of him. It's the dog of my boyfriend's mother and he is always super excited. He is around nine years old now and starts to be really old. For me it always seemed weird, that concerning his age he "acts" like an oldtimer already. My parents never took a "pure" breed dog; we always took a mix from the shelter and never a dog from a breeder. Way was taken from a breeder and he is a labrador. Unfortunately he has the classic problems, that come with this breed. Means with the nine years he got, he already can't walk anymore.

Always when my boyfriend and I come to visit Way in Italy, we bring him some toys. He enjoyed the pig you see above so much, that he destroyed it with his teeth within 2 hours. It was a short joy. xD

I think Way often suffers the high temperatures in the south. We took him for a walk several times and he went on strike half way. We needed to do a long break, letting him drink and simply wait in the shadow for half an hour. We were really clueless how to bring the dog back into the fresh home.

The picture above is when we went to Messina. A relative of my boyfriend got a puppy recently and Way played with the puppy. It was so cute!

Another doggo in my life is Jimmy (his name by dog passport is Jim Lucky - we never call him like that). My parents took him from the local shelter in Hamelin when he was six months old. Jimmy is a very handsome dog, an Irish setter/border collie mix. Unfortunately he has his flaws. He is highly suspicious about tons of things, which makes it hard to stay with him. We assume he wasn't treated the best in his past. Also Jimmy is nine years old now, but he is way more agile than Way. He goes to the forest every week with my father and he has a lot of toys in his home. Unfortunately I don't have many photos of him. Maybe during Christmas holiday I will shoot some. :)

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