Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Magdeburg Cathedral | Saxony-Anhalt

Do you remember me mentioning Otto I. in the last post? Well., seems his grave is here: in the Magdeburg Cathedral. From the documentaries that I watched I learnt he was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, so he was basically the first man bringing the Germans together. It is so crazy. There are all this historically important facts about Magdeburg and I never heard of those facts before.

The cathedral is the oldest gothic church in Germany and I only tell you this, because I want to learn the differences in between the different architecture styles. :P

Right behind the big cathedral square and the cathedral itself there is the Fürstenwall. The Fürstenwall has a small park and what caught my attention there was this memorial. It is for the fallen soldiers of the wars in 1866 and 1870/1871 and for the founding of the German Empire. See:

I am highly interested in this part of the German history; mainly because I looked at some old photos of my grandma few months ago. I realised how weird it actually is, that the Germany which we know now is just 27 years old. Basically all generations in my family were born in a "different country." I was born in the united Federal Republic of Germany, my mother was born in West Germany, my grandmother was born in Weimar Republic, my great grandmother was born in the German Empire. There was really too much going on with this country. :D It's so interesting!

Those were my last pictures of Magdeburg - we made it! My next posts will be about my small day trip to Brandenburg and maybe I will also write about my beautiful day with my Taiwanese guest mom (we had so much fun yesterday!). After all that I am not so sure, if I will find much time to write something for this blog, -> cause it is Christmas time! <- My boyfriend and I will visit my parents very soon and end of this week is starting my Christmas dinner marathon... I bet it's gonna be a blast! Can't wait for that! :)

Eure Hibi

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