Monday, 4 December 2017

Magdeburg | Saxony-Anhalt

Last weekend was so great! I visited Magdeburg and Brandenburg an der Havel and took way too many photos - and I mean way way too many photos! I had the luck to have a long weekend, so let's start with Magdeburg (part 1 of 100 xD)!

As I told you already in my post about Frankfurt (Oder), the travel mania got me again. Few years ago, I was always totally into going anywhere as far as possible. But I don't know... I watched a bit too many documentaries about German history lately and came to the same conclusion that my grandpa had after going to Italy over and over and over and over again: Why always going far, if there is also so much to see in our closer surround?

Well, I guess he is right. In the documentaries that I watched I came across Magdeburg. I learnt that it was one of the major "metropolises" of the Middle Ages and I was like: "What?! For real!?" In school I was never much into geography and history, so I discovered some irritating information during my Magdeburg research (like the river Elbe is not just stopping right behind Hamburg, but it's actually flowing further through Magdeburg and also Dresden... Why I... Why don't I? ... What? I am not a smart person).

After reading all sorts of stuff about Magdeburg, I simply had to go there for a day trip. Now in winter it is also essential taking every little second of sun, that I can get (I got a low level of vitamin D), so I hopped onto the regional train, that goes every hour from Berlin to Magdeburg. The first buildings I recognised were kind of classic for cities of the former GDR. As far as I know the style you see above is called socialist classicism and I know this style from Berlin Frankfurter Allee (I might show you some photos in another post to compare).

But... that style is not what I came for. I came for the medieval feeling that I saw in the documentaries. So I went on and found myself in the city centre - unfortunately there was the Christmas market. Yeaaah, I knooow. I said I love Christmas in my last post... but with the market around it was hard to get into the right mood. Underneath the Magdeburger horseman there was an artificial pub, in front of the town hall where you can see the nice coat of arms there was a carousel, in the back was an electronic moose asking you to get a drink and so on.

This was the only place where I could find the coat of arms of Saxony-Anhalt

My mood was pretty down for a moment, cause Christmas markets look the same everywhere (more or less) and I simply didn't want to take any pictures of the market. I was also unaware of how much you can actually see in Magdeburg apart from the city centre, cause my research of where to find what was actually not the best. The whole mission seemed already lost... Fortunately there was a tip of a church, that guided me outside of the market and I was to find out that it is worth coming to the city.

Cliffhanger: I will show you why in the next Magdeburg part!
Eure Hibi

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