Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Today we say hello to our baby girl: Marianna. We had Clara and Adriana since half a year, when we decided to get a third guinea pig. I read a lot of stuff on the net: guinea pigs are group animals. You should have minimum two, but it is better to keep more of them. So we went back to the zoo shop and checked if they got guinea pigs to sell.

In the zoo shop Marianna was the first guinea pig I saw, because she was not as shy as the others. She was sitting calmly at the feeding bowl and was showing her cute fox tail. When she was a baby her hair on the back was pointing at the sky. Now that her hair grew longer you can't see that anymore unfortunately.

Marianna was born in July 2016. We took her, when she was still really small, but I thought that this time it is not bad to take a baby: we got guinea pigs, that are old enough to teach her how guinea pigs should behave. She weighed maybe 250 grams when we got her. Now she weighs around 1000 grams.

Before getting a new baby guinea pig I read a lot about co-housing the piggies. We decided to let Clara first socialise with Marianna, because she is calmer than Adriana. The socialising worked. Clara was spending time with Marianna and the small guinea pig seemed way less shy than Clara and Adriana when we got them. She already roamed through the cage and explored everything - always guided by Clara.

Unfortunately she still had to meet Adriana. In fact, you should do the co-housing always in a neutral spot. We chose the cage. Very neutral. Not. Adriana went mad and showed the small baby who is the boss in that cage. It was terrible.

In the end I don't even know if the co-housing turned out good or not. Marianna has a lot of characteristics from Clara. She is calm and seems happy. She jumps in the sky, is not shy to run around in the outside playground, that we build everyday, so they can leave the cage. Marianna also stays a lot with Clara. But unfortunately it seems, that Adriana doesn't really like much Marianna. They often argue.

About Marianna's guinea pig type, I really can't say a thing, because her fur seems just a mess. The zoo shop assistant sold her as "agouti guinea pig", but as far as I know agouti is just the type of colour that her hair got. The long hair and the crown on her head could make her a coronet guinea pig.

Same as for Clara's fur, we need to always take a bit of time to check, if the fur is dirty, if the fur got too long and if we need to cut or clean the fur a bit. In the beginning that was always very awkward, because we did not know how to touch the guinea pigs and they were squeaking as if they were in pain. But now we can handle them quite well. I will maybe also do a series on how we take care for our guinea pigs (just to share another bunch of sweet photos haha)!

Eure Hibi

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