Tuesday, 5 December 2017

'ntra cucina | Pepata di cozze

I finally made it to follow my boyfriend in the kitchen preparing one of my favourite dishes ever: Impepata di cozze! He prepared a primo and a secondo for us. We first had linguine with mussels, followed by a spicy soup with mussels. So tasty!

We used:
Mussels (cozze in Italian, Miesmuscheln in German)
2 pieces of garlic
Olive Oil
Cherry tomatoes
Linguine (type of "spaghetti" if you don't know them - Italians probably kill me for this description)
Spices (pepper, salt, garlic salt, oregano, paprika)
secret ingredient (super spicy stuff)

First thing: cleaning the mussels. This time we bought the mussles at the deli store, but we used to buy them at a local fisherman. We had to put them long time in water and clean the mussels' outside. If they are opened or broken before cooking them, better throw them away. The fisherman used to sell us half a kilo broken. So now we decided to get our mussels from the deli store.

For doing the pepata you need to prepare a big pot, boil some garlic pieces in olive oil and add chopped cherry tomatoes. Spice it with some pepper, paprika and salt and also add some parsley. After the tomatoes lost some water add the cleaned mussles with a glass of wine (only if you like wine) and let the whole thing cook until the mussles open up.

To enjoy the pepata we always prepare some bread with olive oil, oregano and garlic salt in the oven. Let it stay just a bit, so it gets a little crunchy (or burn it - whatever your gusto is).

While all this is happening (cozze boiling, bread in the oven) we cook the linguine until they are al dente. Then you need to prepare a pan with some olive oil, garlic salt, cherry tomatoes and a few of the already opened mussles. Let the tomatoes melt in the pan and when the linguine are ready, add them to the pan. Then take a bit of the mussels of the impepata and cook the noodles a while in the pan.

--- Add secret ingredient to burn your tongue. xD ---

When everything cooked, you can have the primo: linguine with cozze!

And then the secondo: l'impetata di cozze!

It was super tasty! 


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