Saturday, 30 December 2017

Oranienburg | Brandenburg

Oranienburg was one of the destinations on my Brandenburg-list, so today I decided to go there spontaneously. Unfortunately I was in such a bad mood, that the grey sky totally killed the day and I spent only one hour there to have a walk.

Normally I freak out about every building, because in my opinion every house tells a story... but this morning I simply felt like the complete weight of the dark winter was on my shoulders. I'm a bit mad, that I didn't appreciate the castle. I didn't even wanna go to see the castle garden.

I am not really happy with how I handled this trip. I went there with a severely bad mood. At home we had a bad night because our guinea pig woke us up like four times (chirping) and now I think that I should definitely go to Oranienburg another time again, because like this, I don't wanna cross it off of my travel list. I didn't check the castle garden, I didn't check the lake "Lehnitzsee", and worst of all: I chickened out and didn't visit the memorial of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen.

Sorry, Oranienburg. Today it was not meant to be. I will come again!
Eure Hibi


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