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Otto-City | Magdeburg, ST

I warned you. It's gonna be Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Magdeburg and more Magdeburg for a while until I start to write about Brandenburg, Brandenburg and more Brandenburg, haha. This blogpost is just a ramble. Be prepared!

I already said, that I came across Magdeburg when I watched a documentary about how the Germans actually became GERMANS (Die Deutschen 2nd German Television). There was one part about Otto I. and I was seriously amazed by how little I actually knew about German history (in school we always put a huge - and important - focus on the Third Reich and the Third Reich only) and the documentary kind of lit fire and made me wanna travel the whole country. I always thought in so big dimensions: Going to China, going to South America, going wherever. Now it's time for the hidden gems at home :D!

I think what also always drove me away into foreign countries was my interest in languages. I always wanted to learn a thousand languages and I started to learn so many. In the end I only learnt English.

I grew up in a place, where people speak the Standard High German and dialects were always kind of "far" from me. Now that I live in Berlin I also started to highly appreciate German dialects. We also got such a sweet word for dialects: Mundart, which means your "type of mouth". I grew interested in the different dialects and especially: I got used to the markish/berlinish dialect everyone uses around me here in Berlin.

When I arrived in Magdeburg I was so amazed, that only one and a half hours of travel by train can make the whole difference: people don't speak the dialect I got used to! People don't speak Markish in Saxony-Anhalt! No! They don't! I involuntarily had to remember what I always laugh at, when I am in Italy with my boyfriend. He always makes these remarks. We have a 30 minute drive to a certain place in Calabria and he points out, that people would speak so funny; they speak so funny here; the dialect is so funny. And believe it or not! For the first time ever I had exactly this feeling!

I enjoyed listening to their sweet dialect. It felt a lot like the "Standard High German" I am used to from home... but somehow different in small details. It made my day. Another thing I loved to listen to, was a thing a family talked about. With this I don't want to sound bigheaded like the idiot city person. I simply enjoyed how different every person can see the world.

So, there was a family. The kid was acting out a little, so the mother scolded a bit. O-sound father: "Come on, today we can be a bit easy. Today we are in the big city!"

I loved it. I loved it so much! Magdeburg has a population of approx. 200,000 (compared to places I lived in: Bremen 550,000; Salta 530,000, Hamelin 50,000, Berlin 3,5 million, Groß Berkel 3,000).

I don't want to lie: I honestly have my struggles living in Berlin. For me the city is too packed. It has a lot of green spaces, yes, but it's so full! Full of people! It is loud and stinky (but of course also exciting!) and this year tourism is flying sky high. I work in tourism, so I know the numbers. :P

While usually Berlin is getting pretty empty in the dark months, this year "everyone" seems to still travel here also with the worst weather possible. Sooo... Boardwalk full of people, bus full of people, super market full of people, metro full of people. Every normal person gets a bit stressed out of this. We are not ants. We are humans. We need our freedom and privacy. Especially me, being a girl from the small, small Groß Berkel in Lower Saxony.

Don't get me wrong in this. I am not one of these persons that is looking down on tourists, like I was a better person. No! I am a tourist myself. It is just myself being overworked in the place I live with all this input everyday.

Conclusion: I got off from the train Berlin to Magdeburg and I felt so at ease. The city was not as busy as Berlin, it was less loud, people were strolling and not running down the streets and alltogether I somehow finally relaxed for a day (I got some relaxation problems xD). I enjoyed the sights of Magdeburg, I enjoyed to listen to the people of Magdeburg and Saxony-Anhalt speaking in their dialect and I enjoyed taking a deep breath far away from the loud and stinky cars in the "big city." My mom made the joke: "So you finally went to the countryside!"

And this is what I enjoyed so much about what the father said to his wife: "We are in the big city!" A place which I enjoyed as a calm refugium, can mean a vibrant exciting world to others!

P. s. Also to me Magdeburg was an exciting world!

P.  s. s. There will be even more Magdeburg!

Eure Hibi

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