Thursday, 14 December 2017

Roland | Brandenburg, BB

Oh my God. I don't know where to start. Roland! It's not what I thought it is! Haha. Okay, I explain this weird beginning of this blogpost: as you might have read in one of my introductions (my CV) I lived in Bremen for about two years. On the main square in Bremen there is a statue of a knight called Roland. While I lived in Bremen I never questioned any historic facts. I just lived there. It is not like now, that I want to know some details about the place where I travel to or where I live. That means: the Roland of Bremen was the Roland of Bremen for me. "Is probably a guy that did something great here."

So far so good. I stood in front of the Altstädtischer Markt in Brandenburg an der Havel (yes, of course this is another Brandenburg part). I joked to myself: "Haha, great. Brandenburg has a small Roland. What would Bremen say to this fake?!"

I did some research. My life is a lie. Seems like half of Germany has Rolands all over and the Roland of Bremen is not called Roland, because there was this guy called Roland who did something great in Bremen, but the statue kind is called Roland in general and the statue is supposed to show guests, that the city is a free city with the right to have a market etc. I don't know, if I can live with this new information! xD

By the way: I loved the architecture of the town hall!

The rest of the pictures is a bit random now, because I also don't want to say too much about each building. Brandenburg has a lot of great buildings. What I liked beside of the many churches were the normal houses in the city. They looked so cute, mostly two floored or maybe three floored. All of the buildings were in nice condition (at least they appeared like this from the outside). All houses were painted in nice warm colours like light pink, yellow and so on. That reminded me a bit of Stralsund. If I have the chance, I might show you in another post what I mean, haha. I have way too many ideas of what I want to show you! :)

Eure Hibi

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