Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sankt Petri Church | Magdeburg, ST

Moin! Let's get back to my day trip to Magdeburg of last Saturday! I had to put some food and guinea pig posts in between, so now there can follow the extreme spam of city pictures xD (Yes, sorry... there will be nothing else than Magdeburg and Brandenburg for a while. Scusi!)

As I told you already, I was semi astonished of the city centre due to the unforeseen Christmas market. I decided to head out of the centre to explore some more of the surround. I was so happy, when I turned into a side street that looked like a small hiking path.

I found this really amazing church complex, consisting of the Magdalenen Chapel, the Sankt-Petri-Church and the Walloner Church. I researched a bit and all three buildings seem to be gothic. I still really don't know how to distinguish the different styles of architecture, but I will try to become a bit smarter and always recheck on the net. :D I also thought all the buildings belonged together, but found out later, that it was actually three "own" buildings.

The only picture I took of the Walloner Church is of its small tower with the differently coloured bricks (the narrow one without the rooster). I wonder if some of the bricks just changed colour over the years or if they did it on purpose. They anyway started to build the church end of the 13th century (my God... so long ago!). The Sankt-Petri-Church is even older. They started to build it middle of the 12th century. Really medieval! I am still so in love.

I was walking around and staying really long at that place. I didn't even realise how cold it actually was. Plants freezing around me!

I enjoyed to stay there really a lot. The place was really calm and also the river Elbe was really close to it. At this point I felt good again, cause the feeling of wasted a day going to Magdeburg left, haha! I found the medieval setting I was hoping for and it was about to get even better!

See you in the next post, yours Hibi

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