Sunday, 3 December 2017

Waiting for Krismers

Woohey! It's that time of the year again! I don't know when exactly I started to really love Christmas time, but whenever it was: it happened. Of course as a kid you love it, cause you want them presents. Then as a grown up you kinda grow tired of it, cause presents simply don't give you the kick anymore. I feel the same way about presents: I don't even want any!

But the thing I love about Christmas is: putting up cozy lights, decorating, eating biscuits and spending a great time with the family during the holidays. I often suffer massive home sickness, because I miss my family so much, that Christmas is the ultimate travelling home date in my calendar. Everyone will be there, I can meet my grandparents, my parents, my friends and my brothers. It is really my favourite time of the year (well... except for the whole summer and warm time, where the sun is longer out than just 5 hours a day xD)! 

Today is the first advent, so today also starts the time where we wait for Christmas to come. I just write this post to show off my beautiful small Christmas tree. I am very proud of it. I bought it with one of my first salaries in my first year in Berlin. My boyfriend and I put it up each 1st advent (means also today!) and we decorate the tree (plastic) with quite historic items.

The red candles are from the 90s. My father fought every year with the knotty wires. Now I do that, cause well... back then stuff was created for eternity so I am using electric candles that are in fact older than I am! The Christmas baubles on my Christmas tree are pretty new. My mom got a good deal at Ikea and gave them to me... The real treasure is still at my parents' home and I hope to get some great shots to show you real 1980s Christmas decoration once I am in my hometown. :D

Merry advent time! Hibi


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