Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Xmas-Berkel | Lower Saxony

We are back from our Christmas trip! It was so great and I hope you readers also had great holidays. This year we went to stay at my family's place in Lower Saxony and we hastened from one "appointment" to the other. We stayed only two days in total and usually a trip like that should feel stressy, but weirdly I am totally relaxed after this Christmas trip. We dined like kings, we laughed a lot and we had some great after lunch walks.

 We also said hello to a new family member :)

Our schedule was really tight. On Christmas Eve we gathered to have our presents and to have the first "small" dinner. For the non-Germans: we always have our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. Before there is the gift giving (we call it Bescherung) we have a meal together. The classic meal on Christmas Eve varies a bit. It depends on your religious background (catholic or protestant), on the location of your family (north or south) and on private traditions. The dinner of my mother is pretty traditional also in other families. We ate potato salad, wieners and schnitzels.

The next day we basically woke up to eat even more. At my mother's we had lunch: duck with dumplings and red cabbage. After that meal we were destroyed already: too much food. So we decided to have a walk in Groß Berkel for digestion (there was a piece of cake to follow at my paternal grandparent's place at 4 pm). In the evening we went to my maternal grandparent's. My grandma served boar and a wide variety of bread toppings (yes, we had bread). My stomach was nearly bursting.

Also the next day we had a heavy lunch: smoked pork chop with dumplings and sauerkraut. We headed out again to have an after lunch walk. Here are the photos I took on our road from Groß Berkel.

 From the hill Riepen you can see the whole village and also the power plant in Grohnde.
 On top of the hill "Riepen" there is a small barbecue place called "Maikuhle"
 We took the road via Waalsen

These walks were so good. I wish I could have that also here in Berlin: just some calm after meal walks. Unfortunately the photos came out a bit bad, cause I did some wrong settings on my camera. But well... One day I will learn how to use it xD

As I said: I hope you had some great holidays! Your xmas-Hibi


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