Sunday, 7 January 2018

Aieta & Cosenza | Calabria

My boyfriend and me we went to Aieta in 2015 during our summer vacation, when Calabria was still new terrain for me. It is a gorgeous town in the mountains about 500 metres above sea level and I was really really amazed back then. The people put flowers everywhere, the houses are coloured so brightly and the streets have these really narrow side paths that make the town look so medieval and truly stereotype Italian. Medieval is actually the wrong word, because as far as I understood the first stones of this town were set in between the 4th and 6th century B. C. which makes it so ancient. I started to understand, why my boyfriend only weakly smiles, when I proudly tell of my old home town, that was founded around 790 AD.

We had a really pleasant walk through this old village. I had to stop at almost every house to suck in the beauty of the small details. The many flower pots were the real highlight in my opinion.

I really love mountains and we had such a pleasant view onto the hills of Calabria. Back then I was really amazed. Now that we go there every year, unfortunately, my hysteria is fading a bit, but I hope that also this year we will go to a nice place like Aieta. Ooorrr...

...finally going to Cosenza. We never really went there, though it is the capital of the province where the family of my boyfriend lives. We went there maybe twice during our whole relationship (which is almost four years now) - one time to grab some frites and another time we shortly explored it by car. Just so Hibi sees it once. I would like to go there actually...

That was my first Italy throwback. Stay tuned for more, because I got a pile of photos waiting to become a blogpost as well! :D Hibi


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