Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Boat Tour | Amendolara, Calabria

Aahhh, the blue sea! The good weather! The sun shining down on us! Well. January is hitting hard right now. It got extremely cold, I am freezing all my limbs off and I don't wanna leave the flat, so looking through the photos of the last summer instantly brings me back to the beach of Calabria and warms up my thoughts. Last year we did something "crazy." We took a boat and cruised along the shore in the Ionian Sea.

I was pretty unaware of how the boat trip would affect me. I was used to taking ferries already. In my childhood we went to Denmark basically every year (even two or three times a year), so there was also a good portion of vacations where we had to take the ferry to arrive in our desired spot in Denmark. When last year the parents of my boyfriend suggested to do a small boat trip with the private boat, I was like "heck yeah!" - therefore I also dressed highly fashionable. >.< xD

The boat was located in Amendolara, a small place in Calabria's province Cosenza. I cannot say much about the place. I knew it as the place, where we sometimes pass by to grab bread and well, last year it was the place where we just got onto the boat. It was a rubber boat. Sliiightly smaller than the ferries I was used to.

At first I really enjoyed. The wind in the face, the sun shining down on us and the great view! The water is always mesmerizing. I never saw a blue colour like this before (again... we always just travelled to Denmark, when I was a kid). I was also highly excited, because I was told, there would be dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea. Also my mom-in-law-to-be told me they once went out with the "gommone" (rubber boat) and there were dolphins right in front of them. My tummy was grumbling with excitement.

Roseto Capo Spulico as viewed from the boat - it's the place where we stay during our vacations

After a while I realised it was not the excitement, that let my tummy grumble. I got really pale and understood that I was getting sea sick. xD Luckily I didn't destroy the day, because also my boyfriend got nervous - but due to another thing.

Attack of the killer meduse

My boyfriend enjoyed to jump from the boat into the sea during the whole trip. It was until I pointed out: There's a jellyfish. He really hates them, so also he wanted to head back home. They can really hurt you and we didn't want to risk any jellyfish-injuries. All in all it was a great trip anyway. The shore is extremely beautiful. It's just a pity that there were no dolphins xD

xoxo Hibi



  1. Wow! Amendolara seems so picturesque and a boat tour is a fun thing to do, Hibi! How long did the tour last?

    1. It definitely is picturesque! I can't really tell anymore how long the tour lasted. It was private, because the family of my boyfriend owns a a really small boat themselves. We spent minimum half an hour on the sea, maximum one and a half hours.


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