Saturday, 20 January 2018

City of oddities - Bergamo | Lombardy

Bergamo. The first Italian city my feet did their steps in. Well, kinda. My couch surfing place was in Dalmine, which is a municipality in the province of Bergamo. So technically, yeah, I had my first Italian steps in Bergamo. The city of Bergamo (or Bèrghem in dialect) totally blew my mind back then. Before that very trip my brain never registered that Italy actually exists. For whatever reason...

We took up the path to the alta città (the high city), where you had an amazing view over the whole city under us. I am really amazed by how bad my old photos look. :D

In the high city there was so much to see. It was all new to me. The architecture, the language around me, the way people acted, cars everywhere. It felt like the perfect chaos. The narrow streets were full of people chatting in this loud language, while cars were rushing through these narrow narrow streets. Many drivers were talking on their mobile phone. I was scared they would drive over my feet. Also my couch surf guide was constantly on the phone, saying "Dimmi" at the beginning of every call. Back then I thought he had a friend called Dimitry, that calls every once in a while during the day, until I found out it's a set phrase to answer the phone. Duh.

I looked like this btw. Behold the beauty of outgrowing mohawks!

After seeing all of the city's centre, we went to see this weird museum: Museo di Scienze Naturali Enrico Caffi. I remember that also back then I was not 100 % convinced of the quality of that musem, but looking at the pictures now, I really gotta say: what the?! What is that!?

I think the entrance was for free. I actually don't remember anymore. I hope the entrance was for free. Looking at this photo of an otter (the picture above) is giving me the creeps. If there wasn't written, that this animal once was an otter, I wouldn't even recognise it as an otter. It could be also a white tasmanian devil with the feet of a duck.
I honestly have no clue about the complexity of taxidermy, but in my opinion in this museum is definitely room for improvement of the displayed animals. I once saw a post including taxidermy on one of my favourite blogs (the dainty squid) and it can definitely look better.

We anyway had a lot of fun in the city and even in the museum. I anyway shouldn't be the person to judge anyone's taxidermy, cause my fingers are all thumbs. So, well... Sorry for the bad review, I guess. In the end the whole day was a success and Bergamo really stayed in my mind as the city of oddities! Simply my first time in Italy. I still wonder about a lot of things I see in this country, but the astonishment of the first time will never come back!


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