Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Food Oasis | Calabria

Food Oasis! I am writing this while being on vacation in Italy and it is so true: this place is a food oasis. We had our great lunch few minutes ago and now it is time to relax a bit on the sofa, so I just post this little throwback about two places that we visited for the purpose of having some max quality meals. The first one to introduce is Moccone. Moccone is a really small place in Cosenza province and basically the only thing we saw there was an old pretty train station, which doesn't work anymore.

In Moccone we always stop by at the Antica Salumeria Barrese to grab one of the best sandwiches ever. It is a small shop where you can buy all the great typical things, that you can eat in Calabria: capicollo, 'nduja, vusciularo, soppressata, caciocavallo,... the list goes on forever. You can also order your sandwich with your personal gusto. You choose from the many different types of meat and cheese and they have some pickled vegetables and mushrooms and spicy toppings. It's so great!

Another food story I want to share today is about our small baked fish adventure at l'Oasi in Gizzeria. Gizzeria in the province Catanzaro was not on our travel destination list. In fact, we only went to the restaurant after we spent our day in Pizzo (I wrote about Pizzo here). The restaurant seemed super chic and I felt a bit wrong in the place, because I was wearing lousy shorts. They presented us this great fish, which is their speciality. It is baked inside a bread and believe me: it was so tasty!

They also had this beautiful garden with what felt like a mixed arrangement: flowers, succulents and trees. I saw a few lizzards, but I was also amazed to see some snail families in the trees.

It was truly a nice atmosphere. Va beeene, this was just a small post. I will have a rest now and I will bomb you with other throwbacks on another day haha! xoxo Hibi 


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