Tuesday, 30 January 2018

I'm a pescatrice

Sorry, just some food porn of our Italy vacations 2015, 2016 and 2017.

I maybe mentioned this already, but I really really love seafood. When in Berlin my boyfriend and I usually don't eat so much seafood. It is not as fresh as in Italy, harder to get and also simply not that regional (German bio fetish xD). When we go to Italy for our vacations we usually really abuse of the possibility to eat seafood and really buy a lot of fish at the local fishermen.

Fried mini calamari
Unfortunately I forgot the name of those, it was a lot of work to pick their fruit.
Crudo dish of our favourite restaurant
Traditionally we try to go to our favourite restaurant at least one time per vacation: I Due Scogli. While at home we always fry, bake or cook the seafood to have dishes with pasta, snacks or whatever comes to your mind. However, in the restaurant we order a dish of crudo seafood (basically just for me). We get slices of raw swordfish, tuna, but also a dish with raw mussels like oysters and raw scampies. It is really delicious and my boyfriend and I are usually really astonished about the human prices they ask. This year's vacation we couldn't go unfortunately, but I am looking so forward to our summer's visit!


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