Friday, 19 January 2018

It's all about the food

Having a vacation in Italy is usually composed of a big portion of sleep, daily strolls and many meals. Many and rich meals. I enjoy the meals the most. We always gather around the kitchen, we have some drinks and enjoy the process of cooking the meals. Being in the south of Italy we usually choose mediterranean fish meals with ingredients we cannot get that easily in Berlin or that simply taste different than in Berlin.

For example onions and tomatoes: They simply taste different here, they taste of more. One place here in Calabria that we visited (Tropea) is even famous for their tasty red onions (cipolla rossa di Tropea) and if you compare the tomatoes here to the tomatoes that you can get in Berlin's super markets we are talking about a different world of tastes. A tomato tasting as strong as this I can only get from my grandma's small greenhouse.

What I love about travelling is that I am always able to try to eat something new. When I was younger and I went to China for one month I didn't appreciate this possibility as much as I do now. I refused eating things after trying one bite and I remember that I was really sad sometimes that I couldn't eat the things that I was used to eat in Germany. Here in Italy I really came out of my comfort zone and tried so many new things, of which I became really crazy about in the end. One thing I started to really love are mussels. Especially eating oysters was a great event!

Mangold (chard; bietola), vlita, capicollo, tomatoes with basil and mozzarella

I mentioned in my post about Praia a Mare, that my boyfriend and I had a great aperitivo after coming back frome the mountain. One of our favourite drinks here is the sprizz. We ordered just two of those and suddenly the waiter brought us this huge plate:

We were slightly irritated and also unsure if we also needed to pay that. We did one second of thinking and then decided: "Whatever, dude! We are on vacation!"
So we finished the whole plate with so many tasty snacks. Whatever the cost. We dine as kings. Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts as the Germans say. We were sure this luxury treatment was not for free, so when we needed to balance the account we were more than surprised! They only asked to pay the drinks we ordered. Great service!

And to underline that I love sprizz, here are some photos of sprizz! xoxo Hibi


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