Monday, 15 January 2018

Messina | Sicily

Today my boyfriend and I will leave Berlin to stay in Calabria for one week. Last year we went there in winter as well. We stayed on week and had one nice day trip to meet his family in Messina. Messina is a city of approx. 230 thousand inhabitants and it is the third biggest city on Sicily. We had a long car trip to the coast of the metropolitan region Reggio Calabria. From there we took the ferry to Messina. Everyone told me to appreciate this moment! "Oh my God, you gotta check the view from the ferry! You gotta you gotta you gotta check!"

I couldn't check any view, because we discussed fifteen minutes who should stay in the car with the dog. I was a bit mad, that they made me feel excited about the ferry drive and then we almost did not stay at all on the deck. Buuut at least in the last five minutes of the ferry drive we could take this photo and my boyfriend made me laugh again. :)

In Messina itself we didn't do any sightseeing tour. We stayed at the cousin's of my mother-in-law-to-be. She has a huge balcony with an amazing view onto the port.

We ate a lot, talked a lot aaand looked at the two dogs playing. We brought Way and another cousin brought her new puppy Barny. He was as big as Way, but he was walking like a true puppy. It was adorable!

On the way back my boyfriend and I could finally enjoy staying on deck and it was nice. The ferry drive was only 20 minutes in total, but it was so relaxing to sit outside and hear the water. Just nice!
Well, I'm having my vacation now. Maybe I will be able to blog anyway, maybe I won't. :) See you latest in one week again! Hibi


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