Tuesday, 2 January 2018

'ntra cucina | Trattoria di Capodanno

Happy New Year to everyone! We survived another New Year's Eve and as always didn't regret to stay locked up at home. It was my fourth New Year's Eve here in Berlin and it became some sort of small tradition for me and my boyfriend to buy tons of fish and have a huge cook-off. We both don't really like to stay out during that day, because people get crazy with those explosives and fireworks. When I had my first New Year's Eve in Berlin we went out to have a party, but we both couldn't enjoy, because we were both paralysed by all this madness.

So in the last night of 2015 we decided to make it different. No parties, no hanging around outside, no explosives, no firework. Just a cozy evening with wine and food. So also this year we went on with our tradition and this was our meal:

Starter: Fritelle di Merluzzo 
(Kabeljaubratlinge, codfish patties)

While we had the starter outside the massive armageddon started. Explosions everywhere, the lalulala of the fire brigade sirens every once in a while. It was not midnight yet. Our guinea pigs stayed totally cool, while I startled at every BAM, BOOM, SBAM.

Primo: Calamarata al sugo di calamari
(Calamaratanudeln in Tintenfischso├če, calamarata noodles with calamary sauce)

This dish was the most work, because we needed to clean the calamary before cooking them. I volunteered as a tribute and cleaned and cut the fish. My boyfriend cooked the fish with some wine, garlic, parsley, tomatoes and a bit of tomato soup (we always use the classic type of De Cecco).

Random photos of our Christmas tree

Secondo: Gamberi al porro
(Porreegarnelen, leek shrimps)

It was so super piggish and I enjoyed the evening a lot. During cooking we had great wine and we also watched all the New Year's Eve's classics. Germans go crazy for "Dinner for One", the 1963 sketch with Freddie Frinton and May Warden, so we watched that one two times during our cook-off. We also watched the sketch "Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts" of the German comedian Loriot, which is a Christmas classic, but we didn't make it to actually watch it during the Christmas holidays. Aaand we watched "Sylvesterpunsch" from the series "Ein Herz und eine Seele" which is a German adaption of "Till Death Do Us Part". I laughed my ass off.

Also our girls had their New Year's special meal - they go nuts about radicchio salad! I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve as much as I did. Only bad thing: I needed to work early on New Year. It was one crazy shift! :D

I look forward to 2018!
Eure Hibi


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