Saturday, 13 January 2018

Pizzo | Calabria

Piiizzo. I'm writing this blogpost on what felt like the darkest day of this winter and I hope it will give me some warm and bright feelings. In 2016 we went to Pizzo, a small town of just 9,000 inhabitants (which surprises me a lot - it seemed way bigger - but probably like in most south Italian places houses are empty). Pizzo is famous for its castle, its great view onto the sea, because it's situated on a cliff and it is famous for the tasty sweet called "tartufo". The tartufo is a large ice cream ball, which is filled with liquid chocolate. Be sure I ate two of those! :)

We had an one hour drive by car from Cosenza to Pizzo, which is located in another province: in Vibo Valentia. Our first stop in Pizzo was at the castello, which was built in the 15th century. Unfortunately my attention was distracted by the marvellous view we had. From a parking slot next to the castello you can overview the whole sea and if you read also my last post of Amendolara you know already how blue the water can be in Calabria!

In Pizzo I realised that I don't have any clue about popular sea places. Pizzo was actually packed with visitors from all over the world - a thing I hardly experienced in Calabria before, which was good in some way, because it made me learn Italian way faster. But in Pizzo there were suddenly Germans, Brits, Swedes and Dutchmen around me. Signs were in Italian, English and German. That's something I never saw in any of the other places we visited before. I didn't know people go to Calabria for their vacations. xD

After we had the famous tartufo in one of the caf├ęs, we went up the main road to look at the church at the end of the road. The church itself was pretty, but I was way more amazed by all the details that you can see in each of the private houses. Like in Aieta I loved the many flower pots!

I hope the photos made you feel warmer. I still feel cold, haha. On Monday we go to Calabria again. Let's hope we can catch a bit of sunlight there!


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