Saturday, 6 January 2018

Project 365 | 1 - 6: First week

Wow, I can't believe the first week of 2018 is almost over again. It went so incredibly fast! Until now, I was determined to have a good start with reaching one of my 2018's goals: the project 365! I shot a few photos every day until now and I have a good feeling about it. I look very much forward to comparing the photos I shot in the beginning of the year to the photos I will shoot in the end of this year. Though a good bunch of the photos will show only my guinea pigs, because I am too lazy to leave the flat, haha!

365 - 001: Our girls waiting at the food bowl. We feed them really regularly, but their hunger can never be stilled. 

 365 - 002: Just had a really small walk near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. I couldn't walk long and fell asleep immediately after stepping into our flat's door!

365 - 003: the Queen of the cage is guarding the food bowl.

 365 - 004: This week I had the Friday off, because I worked on the New Year's first early shift. I used the Thursday evening to spent some time on the sofa snuggled into the blanket, eating some fruits and watching Let's Play videos on YouTube. My absolute favourite is Gronkh!

365 - 005: That day was total garbage xD 

365 - 006: Day of Epiphany (Befana; Heilige Drei K├Ânige)! We had some friends with their small kid over at our place and my boyfriend cooked some amazing stuff. I was in charge for the table design and decided to fold some napkin shirts. My outfit is a bit cozy, of course! The skirt is by Orsay, the pullover is by Gronkh/getshirts.

We had a really funny day and I look very much forward to next week. It is the last week before going on vacation. I hope you also had a good week. The Epiphany today closes the holiday season for me. Tomorrow we will pack away our plastic Christmas tree and say goodbye until next year. Let's hope winter season will also come to an end soon. The dark weather makes me so tired! *ronf*
xoxo Hibi


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