Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Project 365 | 14 - 23: Calabrian Week

Ciao, we are back from one exciting, but also relaxing week of vacation in Italy and I think it is time to update a little on my attempt of the Project 365. Also in the third week of this year I was determined to take some photos every day and I am really excited if I can keep things up in this way!

365 - 014: The Sunday before going to Italy I basically just cleaned the flat. To get some fresh air I walked a bit around in the neighbourhood. This is a church close to metro station Schönleinstraße.

365 - 015: The big day. I always get highly nervous shortly before the flight, because I suffer from social anxiousness sometimes, so my boyfriend and I had a smooth beer at the airport pub, before heading to Bari. From Bari we got picked up by his family and finally arriving in Calabria we had a huge meal.

365 - 016: Our first night we spent in Roseto Capo Spulico. We then relocated to Rende, where I found this fizzy analcoholic mojito drink.

365 - 017: I really enjoyed my time on the balcony. It was so sunny.

365 - 018: It finally happened. I have gone to Calabria pretty often by now, but I never truly visited the city of Cosenza before. This year I did it and there will be a blog post, be sure! :D

365 - 019: Enjoying the sun on the balcony once again...

365 - 020: This day I enjoyed to simply play some video games and eating sweets. I played Banished, a really cool strategy game in which you have to build a small town for banished citizens. I saw this game on my favourite YouTube channel Gronkh and simply had to buy it. :D

365 - 021: For our last Sunday we headed back to Roseto and we saw two beautiful rainbows!

365 - 022: Saying bye to the calm sea... We went back to Bari airport and had one terrible flight. It was full of party youngsters and they were so loud and they always ran from one side of the plane to the other. I usually tolerate loudness and excitment a lot (I work in a youth hostel, welcoming class trips every week), but this running up and down the plane really got onto my nerves (social anxiousness once again).

365 - 023: It was so good to say hello to my babies again!

I am so thrilled about this year's vacation. I felt so at ease and I finally overcame my comfort zone and started to speak Italian. Last year I didn't really want to speak much Italian, because I was always so scared to use wrong grammar or wrong words or I felt uncomfortable to start a sentence, because I was unsure if I am able to end it. This year it was different out of two reasons:

1st of all: I don't want to let another year pass without reaching any goal. That means: I HAVE TO use the languages that I want to learn, otherwise I will never learn them. Want it? Then do it!

2nd: I want to live healthier, i. e. I should not worry about all the world's issues. In this case worrying about the conversation in Italian being not as fluent as in German or English is a bit overdone. This constant worrying all the time adds a lot of stress to my anyway stressy life (village girl lost in the loud big city), so I need to cut it out! This worrying shall not break my b's any longer! :)

January is not over, yet, but I have a good feeling about the first month of the year and this vacation just made it better. Only bad point: The vacation was too short! My mind is already dreaming of the next trip.

I hope, you also had some great first three weeks of 2018! 


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  1. Pretty pictures and your babies are so adorable! :)


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