Sunday, 28 January 2018

Selvino | Lombardy

Yeah, this is how I looked (my hair grew back after I decided to not keep my mohawk).
Uff, just one week passed since our vacation in Italy and I am already tired as hell again, haha. The work week was so busy that I really wish to be on a vacation next week again. A place I would really love to visit again is the mountainous part of the Region Lombardy. Four years ago I visited Selvino in the province of Bergamo. The architecture of the small houses and the view onto the mountains really took my breath.

Selvino is a small town of approx. 2000 inhabitans that is located 960 metres above sea level. A thing I really love to look at are snowy mountain peaks, which this town has a lot of. Now that I often travel to the south of Italy I also realise how different the architecture style can actually be. Looking at those photos now, I would probably guess, that this place is located in Switzerland (I've never been to Switzerland, so if this guess sounds weird to you, let me tell you that I only know the stereotypes about mountain houses in Switzerland). When I roamed through the streets of Selvino I was really busy just looking at all the houses to see the lovely details. Often the walls were decorated with interesting pictures or cute patterns... like I would expect them in Switzerland.

A thing I watched from far was the lift going up and down. At first I was slightly interested to maaaybe take the lift, but my couch surf guide told me there was an accident with people dropping out of the lift just a year ago. TRIGGERED. We didn't do it.

Again I really have to say that I am astonished how my pictures changed. I have the feeling I really understand better how to take photos. Of course I'm still a beginner, but it is nice to actually see a progress. Yay! I would definitely love to go there again to get some better shots, haha!


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