Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Nord | Lombardy

Hard to believe after all these posts of Italy's south, but I actually also saw a very different part of Italy before: The North. It was different in so many ways. You don't have this mediterranean feeling, because you are simply not at the sea, the mountains look different, more green and also the cities are looking way different. In the south you often see signs in so many houses, stating that the house is to be sold -> empty cities. In the north streets are busy and as far as I remember you were not able to see half constructed houses at each road. So, here comes the "contrast" post to my many Calabria throwbacks.

In early 2014 I still lived in Bremen and I did the one week trip down to Bergamo. Back then I was just starting with this feeling of wanderlust and I had really no clue of Europe and the world (not that I have it now, but well, you maybe know what I mean). For me it was very hard to understand the many names for the Italian cities. In Germany we translate each of the famous places, which also happens in English. I communicated in English and I remember I often had problems to understand about what place we were talking (...which sounds crazy for me now). Example: We had a talk about Venice and I was so unsure if the talk is about Venedig now. Which made the thing even worse: I had no clue about geography. I thought Venice was located really south.
"Do we talk about Venedig? Why the hell would we plan a trip to Venedig if it is so far away... needs to be another city..." 
Yeah. Turns out Venice is located north and is the English term for Venedig. xD I really can't believe that I didn't know these things back then.

Stopping this Venice thing now, I will tell you about our first big day trip. It was a day in Milan (which we Germans call Mailand for whatever reason). I honestly have bad memories about that place, but that might be, because I went there with a local from Bergamo and you know: locals don't like Milan. The city itself was pretty, but there were always these comments. I guess, it's like taking a proud Hamburger to Berlin or the other way around. :D

One thing that pretty much shocked me was the big commercial screens at the dome of Milan. This building is so beautiful and they put up a screen to let people see what they can consume. I really disliked it.

The last day of this vacation we spent in three different places and I really enjoyed them. We went from Bergamo to Sarnico, then over to the province of Brescia to see Palazzolo sull'Oglio and Paratico.

The places were so calm and beautiful, but I honestly have to say: I think my way of taking photos actually improved. Or the equipment improved xD I anyway like how my style changed within four years.

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