Thursday, 11 January 2018

Trip to Nature | Calabria

Calabria can be pretty diverse. It does not only have the clear blue sea at the beach, it also has forests, lakes, meadows and mountains. A good mix of everything. Two years ago we decided to explore "inner" Calabria and headed to the mountainous plateau of La Sila. Before going to the national park we stopped at a beautiful lake, the lago Arvo.

I loved the calm atmosphere we had there. There were barely any sounds and it was so relaxing. We took our time to walk there for a while. Afterwards we got back to the car and drove the way up to the national park: Parco Nazionale della Sila.

We didn't understand too well, where we needed to go (which is fine for me, cause I am not Italian like my compaƱeros, so I left all the reading and planning to the others). We just went into the woods, trying to follow the signs. The park inhabits several animals, which of course I would have loved to see. The roads were plastered with infos about the animals living in this park.

My favourite was the puzzola. What a cute cute name for a polecat. Sounds like "stinker" to me. Unfortunately we didn't see any puzzole - therefore we saw a lot of butterflies, small lizzards, a cute squirrel, deer and even a wolf. The areal of the wolf was caged and you were able to look for them from a safe lookout.

We anyway left the place pretty fast, because it was a bit unclear, where we needed to go to see what. Normally I would be a bit unhappy about leaving a spot like this so early without exploring it truly. But somehow that day I was okay with it. We were also pretty hungry, so we decided to just leave (we anyway saw all the animals xD). We went to Moccone and really really - I am not lying - had the greatest sandwich ever. Ever. I wanna have it right now! Haha!

xoxo Hibi



  1. Wow! Calabria seems so picturesque and worth exploring, Hibi. When's the best time of the year to explore it?

    1. Uff, I am really not a travel expert, so this question is a bit hard to answer. We usually go to Calabria shortly before the big vacations in Italy (those are in August). It is really hot in July, so maybe not fit for everyone. In summer also the flowers and the meadows on the pretty mountains are burnt, so you have a brownish yellowish colour on them, while in winter or in spring everything is green, which is quite beautiful.
      In winter you are alone in some places, because all the young people left to find work in the North. In summer it is pretty full.

      So it depends on what are your preferences :)


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