Sunday, 21 January 2018

Venice | Veneto

A city probably almost everyone in the world has heard of is Venice. That is also the reason why I don't really want to write a big blogpost about Venice. The net is full of posts like "5 reasons to visit Venice", "10 things to do in Venice" and "What to pack for Venice" and I really don't want to pretend I would be the grand expert on Venice, just because I once did a Venice day trip. The city is beautiful and I also recommend to go there, but I am not the one that gives you five reasons or 10 recommendations what exactly there is to do and to see. I will anyway post this blogpost about Venice, because: I went to Venice and this is my Italy throwback month!

In 2014 when I couchsurfed the Nord of Italy a small day trip to Venice was obligatory. Back then I was truly amazed by the city. There were no cars in the centre, the channels looked so beautiful and the architecture of all the houses were a blast. Negative point: it was full of guys that wanted to sell idiotic things to the tourists, which really kills the mood.

Another thing that kills my mood is that I've seen Venice so often, though I actually only spent one day of my life there. The city is seen on so many photos, that I get this peculiar feeling I would know the city better than the city in which I live at the moment. Every street, every house, every corner seems familiar. I don't think that is due to my grandfather's photographic memory DNA that might be flowing inside of me, but due to flooding the net with the very same photos of Venice over and over again (I'm aware that I am doing that, too, right now xD). I remember having this weird feeling when being in front of the Brandenburg gate for the first time. I saw it so often on television, in magazines and on photos, that I simply couldn't bring up any awe. It felt like: "Now I am here for the first time, but I saw that already."

It is a very beautiful city anyway and I don't wanna say more. Throwback over :D


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