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2015: This year I want to recook...

I already told you in my last post (Random in Rende | Calabria) that I want to mix my content a bit more and that I don't want to put so many throwbacks, throwbacks, throwbacks onto my blog. Well. Today comes a throwback. xD Buuut, at least it's not about Italy. It's about food. I was browsing through my old photos, because I was looking for some inspiration in terms of cooking. My boyfriend and I cooked a lot in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and I want to have a revival of this hobby we share. Browsing through the photos I realised: we have a good bunch of recipes that I want to recook this year! So here is my list of 2015 recipes that I want to recook in 2018!

As in New Year's Eve 2017 also 2015 we stayed locked up in our flat to celebrate the New Year coming. We even had the same dish like last New Year's Eve: Calamarata al sugo di calamari and Gamberi al porro! (I wrote about these dishes here: 'ntra cucina | Trattoria di Capodanno).

The dish of New Year's Eve felt like a coronation to a year full of lovely dishes. We learnt so much about cooking in that year. Those were the things we tried:

I think it was the first time I ever ate cozze (Miesmuscheln; mussels). I tried them for the first time and from then onward we prepared them quite often. We did soups and pasta and made our way to learn how to prepare a really great Pepata di Cozze (I wrote about it here: 'ntra cucina | Pepata di Cozze).

Giallo Zafferano
Something we don't use much anymore is the web page of Giallo Zafferano. We used to really love this page. It has so many great recipes and it guides you through preparing a really great dough or cleaning fish and seafood. Unfortunately the woman behind that page decided to leave and create something new. Since then we are not the biggest fans anymore, because the content kind of changed (which is also legit - other people, other content).

Codfish in olive and tomato sauce with crispy potatoes
This dish is a really easy one. You simply bake the codfish with some olives, tomatoes, herbs and oil in your oven. Back then we always took frozen codfish (Kabeljau, merluzzo). Now that we found this really great place (our favourite fisherman), we don't need to take frozen fish anymore. I would love to recook this easy dish again - this time with fresh codfish!

Matjes nach Hausfrauenart (pickled herring home-style cooking)
This is one of my favourite dishes and so easy to prepare, but it is also really fat. I want to recook it this year and also write a blog post about it. We often cook mediterranean dishes, so this dish is basically the only northern dish we cook at home. My boyfriend loves it, because it is so different to all the things we usually cook. 

Something I don't want to recook: Matjes boyfriend-style cooking!
My boyfriend did his take on the Matjes in the mediterranean style he learnt at home. It was one of the worst dishes we ever tried!

Gilthead in salt (Orata al sale; Dorade im Salzbett)
One of the easiest dishes we ever tried to do is the gilthead in salt. It is a very, very tasty way to cook the fish. You only need to use a lot (and really a lot) of sea salt and then you simply bake the fish inside the salt. It is a simple way, but it is also a really tasty way! There are so many ways to prepare the gilthead, but this year I want to recook the gilthead in salt.

Dishes with calamari
I became an expert on cleaning calamaries, so I would love to cook more diverse dishes with this fish.

Fussili in home made salmon pesto
I don't remember the exact ingredients, but I remember that this dish was a blast. We made a pesto on our own and spiced it up with salmon. I hope my boyfriend remembers the ingredients of this pesto, so we can recook it this year!

Spaghetti with frutti di mare
This one is an easy dish, because we always did it with the frozen package of frutti di mare from our local grocery store. This year I would be interested to recook this dish but only with fresh ingredients (which means a lot of work - cleaning mussels, prawns and calamaries).

Mushroom varieties
I realised I stopped eating mushrooms at the moment. I used to eat all types of mushrooms in so many different meals: on pizzas, in pastas and even just fried as a snack! This year I want to come back to this habit, because they are really really tasty!

My overall eating habits changed a bit during the last year (I got hashimoto's disease and my body is a roller coaster ride at the moment, haha). While in 2015 I could eat two big pasta dishes a day and still even lost weight, now I can eat a small salad and I gain a kilo. Also my hunger changed: two dishes of pasta: still hungry. Now one leaf of salad: stuffed. For this year I anyway want to make some sort of plan to eat healthier: food pyramid, nutritions and diverse food. I catch myself always eating the same stuff and not taking care to change my meals a bit. I should eat more nuts, more berries, more beans and I should cut down on bread. The topic of eating became a big interest to me (especially learning about nutrients and vitamins), but fighting the own self and beating yourself to actually eat in a better way is really another topic. :) I hope I can kind of learn how to eat healthier this year and of course I will share a big deal about it on the blog!


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