Thursday, 1 February 2018

Cosenza | Calabria

It finally happened. My boyfriend and I travel to the province of Cosenza every year and we never made it to actually visit the city centre (partially because he is a cave bear and doesn't like much going around to do some sightseeing or whatsoever). This year I made it. I visited the old city centre of Cosenza! I did the trip with the stepdad of my boyfriend; a really funny man, who is highly interested in art... and is not really able to speak English. Therefore looking at this January I can already cross out two of my goals for 2018: travelling (saw a new place - Cosenza) and language (finally used my poor Italian to communicate without the help of my boyfriend). Good start I'd say. But let me show you the city!

Me and Zio arrived in Cosenza's new city centre. By the way, we call my boyfriend's stepdad Zio, which literally means uncle. That's something that really confused me in the beginning. My boyfriend seemed to have so so many uncles. Even his best friends are his uncles. There is Zio, Zizi, Zio Peppino, Zio Michele and so many other zios. Plot twist: none of them is his uncle for real. Trigger: the only guy that is his real uncle never gets called zio. This inflationary use of the word zio sometimes confuses me. Anyways. Me and Zio arrived in Cosenza's new city centre. We went down the open air museum road: it's the pedestrian street, where you can look at many statues of high ranking artists. Zio is a huge art's fan and told me a lot about each statue and I even understood great parts of it - especially that one story he told me about an artist and his poo in a box...

We got to the historic city centre and I really enjoyed walking there. We had a really pleasant weather. The sun was shining and the houses had this peculiar smell. They didn't stink, but somehow it simply smelled different than in the new city centre. 

Up in the old city centre we had lunch at Café Telesio (I had some easy bietola with potatoes) and then we headed back down to the car park. Our last small stop was at the bridge to look at the marvellous place where the two rivers Crati and Busento hit. Really beautiful. Mi ha piacuta molto la città :)


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