Saturday, 3 February 2018

Project 365 | 24 - 33: Busy days

365 - 024: Catching up on the project again. This week I am not really happy with the photos I shot. On the one hand I am a bit mad, that I didn't take the time to practise with my camera, on the other hand: jeeeeez, how tired I was. There was so much to do at work, when I came home, I simply fell onto the couch half asleep. So, this project week's roundup is gonna be a bit guinea piggish (my favourite models when I don't feel like leaving the flat for some photos).

365 - 025: In Italy we ate some great baked radicchio leaves. At home we recooked this recipe and it is super tasty. Also Adriana loves her radicchio leaves.

365 - 026: I bought a small cat bed for the guinea pigs to stay in. Unfortunately they only want to be in it, when there is salad spread all over.

365 - 027: Laziest day of the year so far (watching Gronkh let's plays on YouTube).

365 - 028: Adriana asking for more hay.

365 - 029: My boyfriend and I went shopping in Neuk├Âlln. I love this style of displaying your shop's name!

365 - 030: As I said... The guinea pigs are my favourite models, when I am too lazy to leave the house.

365 - 031: I love our new lamp. It fits so well on the side table, where my boyfriend keeps his work equipment.

365 - 032: They definately only get into the cat bed, when there is food inside.

365 - 033: I was thinking to write a deep text about this photo, like my inside is screaming. But actually I was just fooling around with the camera. :)


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