Saturday, 10 February 2018

Project 365 | 34 - 41: Wind of Change

365 - 034: Sorry for the epic title, but I felt so different this week. It kind of started last weekend. The parcel with my micronutrients arrived and it seems I am having a breakthrough in fighting my inflamed thyroid. Last Saturday I woke up not feeling tired for the first time in two years. I used the day and I felt so good. It's kind of a new feeling. I got really used to have really short days: work, eat, sleep. Also my free days looked like this: getting up, chores, sleep, eat, sleep. Now I don't know what to do with all this energy. I am simply not used to not feel tired. But I guess I will figure out, haha... If this effect lasts. Last Saturday I used the energy to check out the Grunewaldsee in Berlin. Unfortunately I am scared of dogs and there were basically more dogs than people. Well. It was a short trip.

365 - 035: I bought two new plants for our living room. We never had any plants. This year I want to grow a small collection of house plants to brighten up our flat.

 365 - 036: Even if I felt more active than ever I basically stayed at home this week. Guinea pig photos overload.

 365 - 037: Clara wants salad.

365 - 038: Clara and Marianna want salad.

365 - 039: My boyfriend and I started gaming again. He bought a Wrestling game and created this beautiful character. I played Cities: Skylines. I really love that game. You can create your own city and I always really rage on creating the public transport.

365 - 040: Yesterday evening before going out I watched a bit of Gronkh's stream on Twitch. I actually wanted to stay just home and sleep, but after a while I simply found out, that I was not tired. It is so weird. If for over a year you feel more tired than the word tired even describes, it is simply so weird to suddenly feel active again. After a while I had to abandon Gronkh and I met a friend at a concert closeby.

365 - 041: Today I slept as long as possible to wake up for some nice instastories xD There is this guy I follow, that basically puts up his whole day on instagram and it is so funny. He makes so sympathetic jokes and he is also an amazing photographer. Love it (@eosAndy). I'm a fan.

Now I try to embrace the day, but weather is so dull... I also thought a lot about my blog this morning. I am still struggling with myself to switch the language to German. By now I don't think I have any really following followers, so maybe it makes sense to switch to a language I am more comfortable with. On the other hand all my structure is in English and I am a structure wh***. What am I supposed to do? Haha! Eure Hibi!


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