Saturday, 17 February 2018

Project 365 | 42 - 47: Rise and Fall

365 - 042: I had a beautiful Sunday with my boyfriend, who came back quite early from his tour (he is musician and currently tours mainly Germany). He created a new pesto recipe and I strongly recommend him to do it again. It was great!

365 - 043: Since you are familiar with my guinea pig photos already if you read my blog, I tell you the background of this post title and don't put too much emphasise on Clara checking out my camera. Why rise and fall? Well, I told you already I am taking micronutrients at the moment and I felt extremely good with them last week. I went to two concerts on the weekend, which I haven't done in ages (going out twice a weekend?! woah, seriously, woah!), I had the energy to manage some actual stuff after work and I also did some fun things like buying a gamepad for my computer, because I bought this really neat jump and run game Ori and the blind Forest. Life is good.

365 - 044: For this day I actually wanted to cheat. I didn't make it to shoot a photo with my camera. I only took one with my mobile phone at the restaurant. We meet once a month with a lot of friends to have a huge meal in our favourite Italian trattoria in Prenzlauer Berg. I want to use the Project 365 to actually get familiar with my camera and not to just put up just random pictures shot with the mobile phone. Of course also a lot of photos I shot with the camera this year are not really nice, because they are shot half heartedly, but photos shot with the phone is another dimension of half heartedness in my opinion. So I wanted to cheat...

365 - 045: ...and use this photo as my day #44 post. I shot it in the night we came back - it was already the 45th day of 2018, but who cares I thought? Karma struck me immediately. On this day I suddenly felt extremely nauseous and my tummy suffered a great deal. After just few hours of suffering it was clear I took some sort of gastro flu and I was knocked out the whole day. Well. I also couldn't take a photo. Not even with my phone. So to not lose my willpower to shoot a photo every day I decided to take the mobile phone photo for day 44 and the night photo for day 45. I was half dead, so I guess that's an excuse to not have nice photos for my project.

365 - 046: This photo I chose for my project post, because I actually wonder, why the photos that I take from displays always look so crap. I told you already that I bought Ori and the blind forest plus a new gamepad for my computer and I was inspired by an instagram account that puts up really beautiful gaming photos. How do you actually shoot photos from displays? I wanna learn that technique! Her photos looked so great. The display was so clear on the photos.

365 - 047: Just leaving this gif here! In total I am extremely unsatisfied with my photos for this week. Luckily I can excuse myself with that flu that knocked me out. Haha. But taking photos I don't like also makes me want to go deeper into knowledge. That display thing is something that really interests me at the moment. But I am also interested in another thing at the moment: I realised I always use the same setting on my camera, but never used all of the buttons. I should actually try to find the manual of that camera and check out, what all the buttons mean. That should be my next goal and then I can try harder to shoot better photos. :)


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