Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Random in Rende | Calabria

First blog crisis? I don't know what is it with this and last week, but somehow I have these doubts about my "content." Of course I like the topics I blog about. But somehow I don't feel okay with the way I present the content. I am not a good writer and my latest posts felt a bit heartless... That might be, because the posts are all throwback posts, so also a lot of emotions already faded. I wish I could mix the content a bit more (new + old photos), buuut... I have this urge to close this Italy topic, so I want to share all photos I got NOW and only now. You know? I wanna put the check onto my imaginary throwback list, haha.

Another thing that kept me kind of distracted from the blog is a very positive one: My doctor prescribed me some micronutrients and jeeeeez. They seem to really work. I felt so awake and joyful these days. I haven't felt like that in a very long while. I really pray for not just having a placebo effect. Wouldn't mind about that, though, as long as I feel alive and kicking!

Talking about my blog content now: Again I am not much in the mood to give you deep inside informations about my photos or smart words about the place that I visited. I hope this is about to change soon again, because I actually really like to keep a blog. I started blogging for the first time in 2012 and I enjoyed it for years. The blog scene really changed since then and also a lot of bloggers I really loved disappeared. For me it is also hard to find new blogs that are exactly the lovely type that I used to find all over the net back then. The blogs with the private and hearty daily life posts. I actually wish to create blog content with these "private" every day life stories, but I have the feeling that I don't really do that at the moment. So, I don't know... I'm waiting for the muse to kiss me. :) 

Way ronfing!

I also thought to switch my blog from English to German, because it is quite hard for me to write in English, which is weird. My boyfriend and I speak to each other in English, because I don't speak Italian and he doesn't speak German. But somehow I had to realise that our English is not good. We do tons of mistakes when speaking to each other. We deliberately form sentences in a wrong way and we started to create own words or simply use Italian or German terms when it comes to certain topics. It became some sort of private slang and makes it hard for me to speak and write English in the correct way. On the one hand I believe I would be a better writer in German, on the other hand I love to speak an international language, that mainly everyone can understand... Uff... So hard to decide. BLOG CRISIS!!!

Short description to my photos: I shot those in Rende. Rende is our number two hangout place in Italy after Roseto Capo Spulico. The first pictures are of a very, very neat event place called Casa di Alice. We spent a really lovely evening there. The place is so romantic! The other photos mainly show the nice balcony of the house in Rende, where we usually stay. This year I enjoyed one day of massive winter sun. So nice!


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